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About Us

 Ladies, are you used to buying your skin care products from those “other place(s)”?  Guys, are you still buying your beard and skin care products from that “other guy”?

 You all know the places I am talking about!  Well, if you answered yes to either of these questions then STOP now!  Quit using those harmful to your skin products and give us a chance to take care of you!  Our products are handmade with quality ingredients in small batches, free of parabens and phthalates.

  Everyone should be using our cold processed, full lathering, silky soaps for that clean and refreshing start or end to your day. Whether you shower or relax in the tub, this is the soap for you.

  Ladies try one of our luxurious body butters or sugar scrubs for the smoothest, healthiest skin possible. We have been told that these are truly life changing! …...and to all the Guys sporting that beard, we have not forgotten about you! We have a full line of beard balms and oils to help you grow and maintain the best looking and healthiest beard possible!

 Guys, you don’t wear a beard? Well, that is ok too! We also have a full line of all-natural Shave soaps to help you guys maintain that silky, smooth skin that your significant other loves!

  We promise you will not be disappointed!  We at Bentonshire Farms use and stand behind our products!

  Shane and Joanne Stewart live on a small farm located in southwest Missouri, located on the Benton/Hickory County line. Joanne’s family is from Yorkshire, England and she is a first-generation American. Our name, Bentonshire Farms, is a melding of Benton county where we live and Shire which is a British word for county.

We are both military veterans, we have been married for 30+ years and have raised two wonderful children.