How to Make Your Handmade Body Products Last Longer

How to Make Your Handmade Body Products Last Longer

If you’re anything like us, you want your products to last as long as possible. We totally get it— you need to get the most bang for your buck! Handmade products are a whole different ballgame since they typically aren’t made with preservatives, so there are special precautions you need to take in order to extend their use. 

Here are a few things you can do to help make your handmade body products last longer.

1. Store your handmade soap away from water.

If you store your handmade soap where it’ll constantly be getting wet (i.e. right under the stream of your showerhead), it’s going to break down quickly and it won’t last very long. We suggest storing your soap on a soap dish with drainage or somewhere else where it can completely air dry between uses. 

2. Cut your handmade soap into smaller pieces.

Cutting your handmade soap into smaller pieces and only using one piece at a time will extend the overall life of your soap. If you break it up and use it one piece at a time, you can preserve the rest of the bar and protect it from breaking down in your shower. Plus, this is a great way to share your products with friends and family if you want!

3. Use a washcloth or a soap sock instead of your hands.

Using a washcloth or a soap sock (like the ones that come with our gift sets) when you’re lathering up with your handmade soap will actually cut down on the amount of soap you’re using. This will make it last much longer in the long run.

4. Use the proper amount of each product.

This seems obvious, but it’s still important to note. Sometimes we tend to use more of a product at one time than we actually need to, which leads to us using it up faster than necessary. For example, when it comes to our handmade sugar scrub, make sure you only scoop out as much as you need to exfoliate your body. In the same vein, our beard oils only require a few drops to work effectively.   Oh, and remember our Body Butter is NOT like the lotion you are used to using! A very little bit of butter goes a very long way!


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