Fragrance Sensitivity?

Fragrance Sensitivity?



Do you have an Allergy or Sensitivity to certain fragrances?



  Fragrance sensitivity is also known as a Perfume intolerance or a Perfume allergy. A condition wherein people exhibit sensitivity or allergic reactions to ingredients in perfumes or fragrances. Some people are especially susceptible to fragrance sensitivity. It can be triggered by a wide variety of both organic and artificial chemicals in a variety of scents that find their way into the air you breathe


  Symptoms may include part of the following:  Most allergic reactions typically give you an itchy red rash that goes away quickly after you've been exposed to the fragrance or perfume. Some mild symptoms can last for a few hours, days or even weeks after a brief exposure. A few mild symptoms of a perfume allergy can also include itching, even where you don't see any rash, redness or irritation.  Other symptoms may include watery, itchy, or red eyes.


  Fragrance allergy or sensitivity is common and does affect around 1% of adults and about 1.8% of adolescents and children. Fragrance allergy is second only to Nickel allergy as a cause for contact dermatitis. Fragrance sensitivities are on the rise, which could, in part, be because of the rise in scented products. Scent can be found everywhere, and those who are exposed to these allergens daily can see increased symptoms.


  I have Eczema, are fragrances safe for me? This really depends on the individual and their individual tolerance to the ingredients within a particular fragrance…. However, ANY product containing fragrance can trigger your Eczema.  Synthetic fragrances can be problematic for Eczema sufferers but Essential, Natural or Organic products that contain scent may also aggravate your skin.   According to Dermatologist, the Top 2 skincare ingredients you should avoid with Eczema are: Fragrances and Essential oils.


  How do I shop for Skin Care products if I have a Fragrance allergy or sensitivity?  If you know the fragrances or ingredients that you are sensitive to then you should avoid those products. If you do not know what fragrance(s) you are sensitive to then you should look for products that are “Fragrance Free” products.


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