4 Ways to Revamp Your Self-Care Routine

4 Ways to Revamp Your Self-Care Routine

First of all, congrats on having a solid self-care routine! It’s so important for both your mental and physical health. Sometimes, though, your self-care routine can get a little old and boring. That’s when it’s time for a refresh. Here are a few things you can do to revamp your self-care routine.


  1. Swap your lotion for body butter. Self-care is all about spoiling yourself, and there’s nothing more luxurious than an ultra-rich body butter. Our body butters here at Bentonshire Farms are made with moisturizing ingredients like shea and cocoa butter, so they’ll make your skin look and feel great. Plus, they smell amazing! This is a small upgrade you can make to your self-care routine that will make a big impact. Trust us.


  1. Don’t skip the lips. It sounds silly, but it’s important to take care of your lips as part of your self-care routine, too. This is a simple step you can take on the go that will make you feel like you’re doing something good for yourself. Our lip balms are filled with moisturizing ingredients like beeswax and mango butter. Simply picking up a new lip balm and remembering to use it regularly will do wonders for your self-care.


  1. Treat yourself. You don’t have to go overboard, but it’s nice to treat yourself every now and then as part of your self-care routine. You can do something as small as buying yourself a nice cup of coffee or as big as planning a weekend away to yourself. Of course, we think picking up one of our gift sets as a treat to yourself is a great idea. Each gift set comes with everything you need to relax and indulge, from sugar scrubs to handmade soaps.


  1. Take steps to support your immune system. You may not think of your immune system when it comes to self-care, but it needs a little love, too! Taking care of your immune system is a vital part of self-care because you just don’t feel your best when you’re sick. We suggest trying out our elderberry syrup. Add it to your favorite smoothie or even over your ice cream or pancakes for a tasty immune boost and a welcome addition to your self-care routine.


P.S. Even if you don’t already have a self-care routine, consider starting one now with these steps! We promise you’ll thank us later.

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